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Who can we support?

Hart Counselling CIC believe that you should have control over how long you wish to come to counselling, for this reason we offer open-ended therapy. This means that with your counsellors agreement you can work together for as long as you feel necessary.
As a guide we would suggest you expect to attend a minimum of six sessions, it can take this time to settle into the process and become comfortable with your counsellor.

Adult clients:

Ultimately our goal is to support you in the changes you wish to make, these may include improving your mood, increasing your enjoyment of friendships and relationships, boosting your quality of sleep, encouraging you in work-life decisions or a wide variety of other areas you may wish to make changes in.
The counsellors at Hart Counselling CIC are all qualified and experienced at working with adult clients on a wide variety of issues affecting
your enjoyment of life.
The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy outline many of the issues that therapy can support, they outline them HERE.

Younger clients:

We offer counselling to young people aged 11 years and above. Therapy for younger clients relies on confidentiality in the same way as adult counselling. We would encourage adults referring young people to speak to the counsellor before therapy begins to ensure you feel comfortable in understanding this process. This will enable you to support your child or young person throughout their journey. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have prior to counselling beginning.

Couples counselling:

Your counsellor will aim to help you gain an understanding of any difficulties that you are struggling with and explore what your hopes are from the counselling process. Whether you want to understand your partner better, express anger safely, be more equipped to use your voice and ask for what you need or to hear what may be going on for your partner, it can be helpful to clear the air and to identify what is causing the relationship difficulties. Some couples will have different views and answers to these questions, so honesty can be an important part of the process.
Separate individual sessions can be arranged if this is deemed helpful. These can be useful to understand where some of the issues may have originated from. Sessions are offered in blocks with the option of ad-hoc sessions to check in after the main period of counselling has ended. Couples may be asked to put into practice techniques between sessions.

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